Mario Di Mauro

Conference Speaker (Selected Talks)

Invited Speaker (Italian Technical Events)

Available Material

  • Dataset and code exploited in the article Multivariate Time Series characterization and forecasting of VoIP traffic in real mobile networks, IEEE TNSM 2023 (Di Mauro et al.) Network Traffic Forecasting
  • Instructions to build the HASFC framework available in the article "HASFC: a MANO-compliant Framework for Availability Management of Service Chains", IEEE Comm. Mag. 2021 (Di Mauro et al.) HASFC Framework
  • Part of Datasets used for the articles: "Experimental review of neural-based approaches for network intrusion management", IEEE TNSM 2020 (Di Mauro et al.), and "Supervised feature selection techniques in network intrusion detection: A critical review", Eng. Appl. of Artif. Intell. 2021 (Di Mauro et al.) Classification Data
  • Datasets collected and exploited in the article "An experimental evaluation and characterization of VoIP over an LTE-A network”, IEEE TNSM 2020 (Di Mauro et al.) LTE-A Data