Mario Di Mauro

Teaching Activity (Univ. of Salerno)

Statistica Applicata (Applied Statistics)

2021/2022 Adjunct Prof.

Basics of Statistics, Data mining, Correlation, Regression, R Coding

Statistical Data Analysis

2020/2021 Adjunct Prof.

Advanced Statistics, Regression, Classification, Statistical Learning for data mining, R/Python Coding

Reti di Telecomunicazioni (Telecommunication Networks)

2019/2020 Adjunct Prof.

Network architectures (from mobile to 5G), Network security, Queueing networks, Network simulators and testbeds

Reti di Telecomunicazioni / Sistemi di Telecomunicazioni

2013-2018 Lecturer

Teoria dei Segnali (Signal Theory )

2016-2019 Tutor/Lecturer

Signal representation (time/frequency), Shannon-Nyquist theorem, Theory of probability

Co-advisor for more than 50 bachelor/masters' students


Editorial Activity