Mario Di Mauro

Ericsson Telecommunications Italy

2015 - Present

Research activities: security and availability of 5G networks (NFV, SDN, Network Slicing)

Shangai Ocean University (Research Group led by Prof. W. Song)

2021 - Present

Research activities: QoS/QoE issues in video quality assessment, time series analysis of network metrics, ML/AI applied to networking problems

University of Bolzano (Research Group led by Prof. A. Liotta)

2020 - Present

Research activities: IoT, AI/ML for network security, network traffic characterization

University of Derby (UK) - Visiting Researcher


Research activities: network management and AI/ML applied to networking

Research Consortium on Telecommunications (ex Ericsson Lab Italy)

2007 - 2012

Research activities: wireless indoor localization systems and security; Project Management & Financing activities

Engineer Professional Chamber (Salerno - Italy) and National Engineer Council (2016 - Present)

2016 - Present

Organizer/Promoter and Invited Speaker for ICT events